Thermostatized Incubators Incubator Clear


* CI10-CE Incubator Clear CI10-CE (without accessories)
* 10000-01085 Incubator Clear CI10-CE + Orbital Maxi (without accessories) OL30-ME
* 10000-01058 Incubator Clear CI10-CE + adapter for shaker
* 30000-00022 Kit Incubator Clear I10-CE + Rotatory Mixer 4 positions ROTATOR R4-HDE

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CI10-CEIncubator Clear CI10-CE (without accessories)2.976,00
10000-01085Incubator Clear CI10-CE + Orbital Maxi (without accessories) OL30-ME4.602,00
10000-01058Incubator Clear CI10-CE + adapter for shake3.083,00
30000-00022Kit Incubator Clear I10-CE + Ag. rotator 4 posiciones ROTATOR R4-HDE4.800,00


Thermostatized Incubators Incubator Clear
Incubator transparent made of metacrilate (Plexiglas®), controlled by microprocessor.
Digital display LCD backlighted with indication of the selected and real value of the temperature and timer.
Membrane push-button control.
With forced air circulation.
Optional: external Tª sensor for control the temperature of the sample in its proximity.
Can be adapted to our orbital shakers and horizontals (models Orbital Midi, Orbital Maxi or Horizontal Maxi).

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