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LPB223eLuna Precision Balances External Calibration 220 g. Readability: 0,001g720,00
LPB423eLuna Precision Balances External Calibration 420 g. Readability: 0,001g780,00
LPB623eLuna Precision Balances External Calibration 620 g. Readability: 0,001g1.050,00
LPB823eLuna Precision Balances External Calibration 820 g. Readability: 0,001g1.095,00
LPB223iLuna Precision Balances Internal Calibration 220 g. Readability: 0,001g880,00
LPB423iLuna Precision Balances Internal Calibration 420 g. Readability: 0,001g940,00
LPB623iLuna Precision Balances Internal Calibration 620 g. Readability: 0,001g1.135,00
LPB823iLuna Precision Balances Internal Calibration 820 g. Readability: 0,001g1.255,00


Models Capacity Readability Pan Size Calibration
LPB223e 220g 0,001g 120 mm Ø Externa
LPB423e 420g 0,001g 120 mm Ø Externa
LPB623e 620g 0,001g 120 mm Ø Externa
LPB823e 820g 0,001g 120 mm Ø Externa
LPB223i 220g 0,001g 120 mm Ø Interna
LPB423i 420g 0,001g 120 mm Ø Interna
LPB623i 620g 0,001g 120 mm Ø Interna
LPB823i 820g 0,001g 120 mm Ø Interna

With numerous features and functions, Luna precision balances are suitable for most lab weighing tasks. Luna’s display features a stylish look, with easy-to-read 24mm digits in blue on a black background. Ideal for international use, Luna provides multilingual text and display capabilities. USB and RS-232 interfaces facilitate data gathering and enable smooth communication with printers and computers. The grade 304 stainless steel pan and sturdy ABS plastic construction are easy to keep clean, giving Luna the rugged durability needed in a lab balance.

The balances include a program for density determination, which can be done by purchasing the lower weighing hook of the balance, without purchasing the density determination kit.

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