We are pleased to inform you that we can now offer you the ENAC accreditation for the calibration of test sieves. Said ENAC calibration certificate can be issued for the new sieves that we manufacture for you, as well as for the sieves that you already have in your laboratory.
With this new sieve calibration service, we make it easy for you to purchase sieves and request certificates at the same time, so you can save time and shipping costs to an accredited laboratory to carry them out.
The calibration of the sieves is carried out in accordance with the UNE 7050-3, ISO-3310/1 and ASTM E-11 standards, for mesh sieves, and UNE-7050-4 and ISO-3310/2 for square perforated plate sieves. or round perforated sheet. The client will have to indicate which standard is required to issue it.

This is the scope of the accreditation:

Nominal mesh size (L)Opening typeCalibration according to standard
0.02 mm < L ≤ 125 mm L: Nominal opening clearance2,7+0,002 L [µm]

UNE 7050-3

1 mm < L ≤ 125 mm L: Nominal opening span2,7+0,002 L [µm]

UNE 7050-4

Remember that, if you do not need this calibration certificate, our sieves already carry the manufacturing certificate in accordance with the ISO-3310 and ASTM E11 standards, with the unique serial number for each sieve, which allows complete traceability, this manufacturing certificate or certificate of conformity is already included in the price of the sieve.

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